Best CBD Edibles & Treats – Buyers Guide

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant that has been discovered to have significant medicinal properties. Currently, researchers and medical scientists continue to study the different medical and therapeutic benefits of this compound. CBD does not cause the “stoned” feeling or sensation that cannabis is commonly known for. In fact, it counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD candies are generally CBD-dominant, which means that they contain very little or insignificant amounts of THC. They do not contain any toxic compounds and are formulated to deliver the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol. There are different types of CBD sweet treats and candies that are currently available in the market. Each one is packed with benefits that can be beneficial to one’s health and well being. Building personal awareness and sufficient knowledge on the variety of CBD candies is the key towards finding the best product that will suit individual needs and preferences.

What are CBD Candies?

CBD candies are presented just like any other sweet treats that you can find in the market. They are delicious, delectable, and colorful sweets formulated with CBD and come in great packaging. These candies have undergone intensive quality control to ensure that they are within the legal standards.

Most CBD edibles have been classified as non-toxic, safe, and packed with therapeutic benefits.

CBD candies come in many forms such as hard candies, jellies and gummies, pastilles, lozenges, gums, and chocolate bars. Science and advance research have played a relevant role in the development and formulation of these products. They actually offer a fun and delightful way to have your regular dose of CBD. Just like other sweet treats, they are pleasing to the taste buds and attractive as well.

CBD candies can also be considered as innovative products that are designed to help a lot of people deal with different health problems and issues – in a fun and pleasurable way. They are handy, convenient, and can be taken anytime and anywhere. After all, who would say “no” to candies?

The Best Types of CBD Candies and Sweet Treats – A Buyers Guide


1. CBD Chocolate Bars

Chocolate lovers will definitely rejoice over the idea of CBD chocolate bars. These are fun treats that resemble the typical chocolate bar but are infused with CBD. These are ideal treats for those who specifically love the taste of chocolates but at the same time would like to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Packed with chocolate flavor with a punch of CBD, these candies offer a unique and tasty way to go through a busy day and become more productive.

People who have day jobs can benefit from CBD chocolates in order to stay alert at work and to improve their concentration. CasaLuna’s CBD Chocolate Bar is one of the good choices. It is 100% organic and does not contain any preservatives and additives. It is packed with 60 mg of CBD and comes in 14 different variants including dark, milk, dark with almonds, Goji berries, sugar-free, extra strong, milk with pretzel and sea salt, Maca powder and pomegranate among others. There is even a specific variant designed for vegans.

2. CBD Gummy Bear Candies or CBD Gummies

Unleash the child in you with the different variants of CBD gummy bears. CBD Gummies are the most popular form of CBD candies or edibles. These gummy candies resemble the fun, colorful, and chewy gummy bears that a lot of people love. Packed with CBD, these gummy candies are very handy and convenient to carry around.

CBD Gummy Candies are ideal for those with a sweet tooth as well as those who are always on the go. Busy individuals who want to improve their mood and boost their level of alertness, as well as those who need that much needed kick, can benefit from CBD gummy candies.

Ideally, the recommended dose is 1 to 2 gummy candies every 6 hours. However, the dose depends primarily on the CBD concentration of each gummy candy. An example is Diamond CBD’s CBD Infused Sour Candy which is made from natural ingredients and contains 30 mg of edible CBD.

For those who are thinking of a delightful and sweet way to relax and chill, CBD infused sour bears from Relax Gummies are likewise a good choice. These are also colorful gummy bear candies that are packed with flavor but formulated with a lighter effect. These gummies are generally ideal for people who are suffering from anxiety, pain, and panic attacks.

3. CBD Chewable Breath Mint Candies

For individuals who prefer a fresher and minty take on CBD candies, there are also CBD Chewable Breath Mint candies. These candies are also infused with natural and edible CBD and come in the form of lozenges or pocket mints. They can serve as breath mints after a meal or coffee break.

This choice of CBD candies are perfect for working individuals, especially those in the corporate environment, who need to maintain a clean and fresh breath all the time. They are handy, convenient, and very easy to take. It is much like carrying a regular mint candy in your bag or pocket.

One practical product is the CBD Hemp Oil Lozenges from MedCBD. These lozenges come in a handy tin. Each tin contains 16 CBD-infused lozenges. These lozenges dissolve in the mouth like a conventional breath mint. Each lozenge contains 5 mg of CBD and the recommended dose is two lozenges per day.

These fresh CBD candies, which are conveniently packed in a sleek and pocket-sized tin, can be considered as a real game changer in the CBD market. They are minty cool in the mouth, convenient, and easy to consume. They are also an excellent choice for those who are not a fan of gummy candies and chocolates. Best of all, they can be taken even while on the go making them ideal for busy people who are living on a tight schedule.

4. CBD Flavored Chewable Candies

For people who love the fruity taste of berries, CBD berry-flavored chewable candies are an excellent choice. These are soft and chewy CBD-infused candies that offer that much-needed boost after a tiring day or activity.

An ideal choice is the CBD Chewables from CBD Easy. These chewable CBD candies are also designed to promote bone health. Active individuals can benefit from this product because it is specially formulated to strengthen the bones for optimum performance during sports activities, work out and exercise; or to simply help preserve the strength and density of the bones.

In addition to that, CBD Easy Chewables are also formulated with essential Vitamin D3 which promotes general health and wellness as well as effectively boosts the body’s over-all immune system. One bottle contains 30 CBD-Infused Chewables in delicious Berry Flavor.

5. CBD Hard Candies

Another way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD is through flavored hard candies. These CBD-infused hard candies make it possible for everyone to enjoy and savor the sweet and satisfying flavor of candy while having that much needed CBD boost. CBD hard candies, just like the CBD gummies and chewables, are handy, easy to take, and practical. They can be taken even while on the go and they are wonderful treats to the palate.

Every person who need that occasional sugar fix can benefit from CBD-infused hard candies. They can be savored up to the last bit and provides all the satisfying benefits that CBD promises. If you love savoring the taste and sweetness of hard candies, you will definitely enjoy CBD hard candies.

One exciting CBD product that falls on this category is the CBD Hard Candy from Cannabinoid Creations. These hard candies are available in four delicious and exciting variants – Caramel Apple Pie, Blue Raspberry, Cartoon Cereal Crunch, and Pomegranate Lemonade. Each package contains 4 pieces with 60 mg of CBD. For those who especially love “summer-like” and unique flavors, these CBD hard candies are an excellent choice.

6. CBD Chewing Gums

Chewing gums are perhaps one of the most common forms or candies in the market. There is something satisfying and stress-relieving about chewing a gum. Some people chew gums for a variety of reasons like to relieve tension, to manage stress, to increase alertness, to improve the mood, to freshen up breath and to stimulate concentration among many others.

For beauty conscious individuals, studies had shown that chewing a gum can help reduce the double chin because it exercises the jaw muscles. If you want to experience all of these benefits plus added therapeutic advantages, CBD chewing gums are the best options to consider.

An example of CBD gum product in the market is the Endoca CBD Chewing Gum. It is made from pure and natural ingredients and contains Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that can be found from Birch Trees. This CBD Gum contains wild peppermint plus mint essential oils. Added components are sunflower lecithin which helps in supporting brain function and supports neuro-transmission processes. Each box contains 10 CBD chewing gums with each gum containing 15mg CBD.

Recommended and Top CBD Treat Companies

Green Roads

One of the leading brands when it comes to CBD Gummies, Green Roads contains full spectrum CBD. It is recommended among people suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and pain. It is also generous is extending discount coupons to its consumers.


PureKana offers CBD Gummies that are tasty and colorful. Aside from its attractive packaging, it is also highly potent and lives up to its high standards. Famous for their CBD oil, the company maintained its standards in formulating its own CBD gummy candies which are referred to as “tasty and relaxing”. These CBD gummies are also vegan and GMO free.

CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water is famous for its CBD chocolate bar which is actually a handmade chocolate candy containing only 15 calories per segment. It also contains 99.5% pure CBD concentration extracted from hemp plants. This company has gained its mark in the CBD market for this tasty treat which is packed with chocolate goodness, superior quality and high concentration of CBD.

Cannabinoid Creations

Cannabinoid Creations is famous for its CBD Hard Candies. It is a company that clearly pays enough attention on the flavor and taste of its CBD product line. It focuses on CBD product innovation, delightful taste and unique flavors, and superior quality.

 Botanica Seattle’s Herbal Pastilles

Botanica Seattle is one of the most credible sources of edible CBD. This CBD grower is famous for its product, Mr. Moxey’s Artisan Mints. Their product contains high concentration of CBD and available in two variants – peppermint and ginger.

Cascade Herb

Cascade Herb features a wide variety of CBD infused products and edibles. It is a credible and reliable source of high-quality CBD products such as CBD concentrate, topicals, chewable candies, brownies, and chocolate bars, among many others. It also takes pride in its extensive product line which features different CBD formats and formulation

Finding the Most Suitable CBD Candy for Your Personal Needs

CBD Candies are probably the most convenient way to take your daily dose of CBD. Although there are CBD tinctures and CBD capsules in the market, candies seem to be more appealing and fun to consume. CBD candies offer a tastier and more pleasurable way to enjoy CBD and experience its therapeutic and medicinal effects.

If you are living on a busy schedule, CBD candies can be considered as your most convenient option. You can simply pop them into your mouth to get that much-needed boost – with the added bonus of treating yourself to something tasty and delightful that will tickle those taste buds.

The formula is pretty simple.

If you are a chocolate lover, CBD chocolate bars are your best option. Most CBD chocolate bars are made from organic ingredients so this is a plus factor.

If you are constantly exposed to people, working in the field of sales and promotion, or always in a meeting; you can benefit from the fresh, clean, and minty taste of CBD Breath Lozenges. This is also the best CBD edible for you if you are not a fan of sweet treats like chocolates and candies.

For those who want to stay active and alert in the workplace, CBD gums are an excellent choice. Chewing a gum had been said to stimulate mental alertness and increase the level of concentration. It is also a good way to exercise your facial and jaw muscles.

CBD Gummies, being the most popular type of CBD candies and edibles, are basically for everyone who wants CBD in candied form. However, with the increasing types and formulation of CBD Gummies, people can make a choice based on the added benefits found on each type. For example, there are CBD Gummies for Bone Health, CBD Gummies for Brain and Neurotransmitter Function, and CBD Gummies for Relaxation.

With the increasing popularity of CBD, there are many other types that promise the therapeutic benefits of CBD plus other wellness properties.

To get your money’s worth, it is best to determine which CBD Candy would be best for you based on your lifestyle and taste preferences. It is also best to choose products that are 100% natural and organic. Lastly, always check the label and the ingredients listed on the product packaging to make sure that you get your desired CBD concentration.

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